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Ryou Bakura and Malik Preorder!!! by DragonBeak

Ryou Bakura Daki by DragonBeak  Yami Bakura Daki by DragonBeak  Ryou and Bakura Dakimakura by DragonBeak

Double-sided dakimakura with your choice of Tender, Thief, or Angst!  

Peach skin polyester gives the fabric a lovely soft and silky feel.  And they’re 20x55 inches to fit American body pillow sizes!  Ready to ship out in January.

Preorders close Dec 17, 2017 at midnight EST! Get ‘em while you can!

Starting Black Friday off early on my Etsy shop!

Cooking Hyrule by DragonBeak  Game Day DVa by DragonBeak Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker Art Stands by DragonBeak  Star Gazing by DragonBeak  Here Comes a Thought - Stevonnie Keychains by DragonBeak  DVa Bibimbap Keychain by DragonBeak 

For the next whole week, from 11/19 to 11/27/17 everything is 10% off!

The sale applies to everything in my shop: art prints, art stands, buttons, and keychains!  Whether you’re looking for unique gifts or just wanna treat yourself, snag these limited items while you have the chance!
AWA at Table 923 by DragonBeak

Hey guys~!  Just a reminder that I'll be at AWA this weekend in the Artist Alley, table 923, selling my art!  I'll have the usual prints, key chains, and buttons, but this'll be my first year selling wall scrolls and art stands at AWA!

My Servants Never Die by DragonBeak  Squid Sisters vs Off the Hook by DragonBeak  Star Gazing by DragonBeak  The Kitten of Russia by DragonBeak

AA Hours:
Friday 10 AM - 7 PM
Saturday 10 AM - 7 PM
Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM

And of course, if you can't attend AWA, I'll always have merch available year round, on Etsy!

Hope to see some of y'all there!
Hey guys~!  First I wanted to say a big thank you for everyone who visited during BronyCon~!  I've been fairly busy during August so I hadn't had a chance to post much since.  However, I've had the good luck to get into Anime Weekend Atlanta through the Artist Alley waitlist, wooooo~!

So if you're interested in buying my art, AWA later this month, will be one of your last opportunities to buy from me in person this year!  But worry not, for I still have my online Etsy and Redbubble stores.

Speaking of which, in honor of Ryou Bakura's birthday, September 2nd, I'm running a 10% OFF sale on my Etsy!

From today until 9/10/2017, get 10% off in my Etsy store with the coupon code "RYOUBDAY" and the sale applies to all my products, not just the Bakura ones, of which there are many, ha ha.

Anyhoo, thank you and hope to see you at AWA~!
Hey, hey, hey, MLP fans~! I'll be tabling this weekend at BronyCon with loads of new merch! You can check out my map of where I'm gonna be at Table 624! Just before the Pratt Street entrance.

BronyCon 2017 by DragonBeak  Cutie Mark Crusaders by DragonBeak  Squid Sisters vs Off the Hook by DragonBeak  My Little Pony Key Chains by DragonBeak

Marketplace Hours:
  • Friday, Aug 11 10am–6pm
  • Saturday, Aug 12 10am–6pm
  • Sunday, Aug 13 10am–4pm
Hope to see you there!
Hello, hello! As those of you who've been following my art posts may already know, I'll be at Momocon this upcoming weekend in the Artist Alley, at table 42!

You can see the map here!

Momocon Artist Alley! by DragonBeak  Fountain of Fabulous by DragonBeak  BakuBaku by DragonBeak  Star Gazing by DragonBeak  Game Day DVa by DragonBeak

I'll have all sorts of new prints, key chains, buttons, and more!  So come by and visit!

Yugioh Duel Monsters Keychains by DragonBeak Undertale Buttons by DragonBeak  Steven Universe Together Breakfast Keychains by DragonBeak
2016 Black Friday Code: "BLACK10" for 10% off your order ‘til Nov 30th!

The holidays are just around the corner!  Help out a small-time artist by buying your presents for your loved ones from meeee on Etsy~!  Got art prints, key chains, buttons, and more~!  Steven Univese, YuGiOh, and Ponies galore!  Happy holidays~!

Daydream Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle by DragonBeak  A Hearth's Warming Tail by DragonBeak  Steven Universe: Cookie Cat by DragonBeak  My Little Pony Necklaces by DragonBeak

Whew, after a long road trip I'm finally back in Atlanta.  BronyCon was a blast, lemme tell you~! Got to see old friends and fellow vendors :iconjanellesplushies: :iconprincrim:

Thank you to all of y'all who stopped by my booth!  Now that I've finished my one convention for the year I can get back commissions and other things.  More slots are open now, so if you're interested check out here for my commish details!

If you weren't able to pick something up at BronyCon, I do have my products available on Etsy and Storenvy~!  I'll be updating with new pony products soon.
Hey y'all~!  As I've been pumping up for the last month, I'll be attending BronyCon this weekend in the Artist Alley, table F23, in Baltimore, MD, wooo!

You can check out where I am on the map below!  Vendor Hours are 10-6 pm on Fri and Sat, and 10-4 pm on Sun.

BronyCon Map 2016 by DragonBeak

Here's more previews of my merch available this year! Pendants, prints, buttons, and more!  And I'll also be taking pencil and ink sketch commissions at my booth.

Chrysalis and Luna Pendants by DragonBeak   Great and Powerful Together by DragonBeak Undertale Buttons by DragonBeak  Pie Sisters 4ever! by DragonBeak Wonderbolts by DragonBeak

I'll also be selling Lucky Grab Bags that'll feature both my merch and the merch of :iconbunnimation: If you donate to the Brony Thank You Fund you'll get 10% off grab bags!

Hope to see y'all there~!
Hey y'all, just a couple of small updates.

First off, I'm going to be attending BronyCon in the Artist Alley this upcoming month~! July 8-10th in Baltimore, MD. This is the first time they're going to have the 4 voice actors for the Mane 6 all together, so that's exciting.

I'm going to be at booths F23,F24 in the Alley, but they haven't given us a map yet so I can't show you the exact location, I will when I do!  So you're going to be seeing a lot of new pony art, my goal is to try and have six new prints up by BC, primarily revolving around the Mane 6.

And secondly, my digital commissions are open again~! 
Woo, you can check out the prices below!

Commission Prices 2016 by DragonBeak

I've revamped my prices and also added in an ink tier to go along with the sketch and color tiers. ngl, I've fallen a bit on harder times, so if you've always been interested in commissioning me, now's the time! Thank you for taking a look~!
Wheeew, man it's been a busy couple of months preparing for two cons within two weeks of each other ^^;;

But a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table in the Artist Alley and a big welcome for you new followers :D

I usually only update deviantArt with finished works, so it's not too often.  But, I still announce online shop news here!  I hope to be posting up my new con merch for this year on Etsy before August is out.  Stay tuned~!
Whew, I realize it's a little late for this announcement!  Hello, y'all~!

This upcoming weekend (July 24-26) I'll be tabling at Otakon in the Artist Alley at booth G-07! .  Click on the link for a map.  Got lots of new prints this year, hope to be uploading them to dA in a bit.

Hope to see you there~!
Oop, I almost forgot to announce, but I'll be tabling at Katsucon this upcoming weekend in the Artist Alley!  Stop by for prints, charms, badges, the works~!

Table X23, check out Tumblr for a map.
Hey y'all, in light of the holidays, I'll be running a short Cyber Monday sale on my Etsy store~!  If you've been waiting to get yourself a cute Change of Heart!Ryou phone charm or a killer Kill la Kill button set, now's your chance!

Coupon Code: BLACK15 for 15% off your Etsy purchase of $25 or more~!

All sorts of fandom, video game, and anime inspired wares to make prefect gifts for you or your nerdy loved ones.  Coupon code expires December 3rd.  Happy shopping~!
Whew, AWA was a couple of weeks ago and I'm still tired, lol.  Well, it's been a year of busy conventions so I suppose it's natural.

Wanted to give a big, belated welcome to my new watchers who followed me home from AWA :D I don't update dA as much  but I do still make posts about upcoming Artist Alleys, upload finished artwork, and the like.

In the meantime, now that con season is over, I'm going to be focused on getting all my new wares from this year up on my Etsy/Storenvy .  By the end of October, I'm aiming to have all my new phone charms, buttons, prints, and a few badges up, in time for the holiday season.  So, there's going to be a lot of deviation activity in regards to that, lol.

I'm also considering making a "choose your own button set" listing, so customers can pick and choose across button sets which ones they'd like.  Hoping that could help encourage sales?  I haven't been able to find much research into it'd so I'd like to hear thoughts.

Anyhoo, thanks for following!
Anime Weekend Atlanta is this weekend in... Atlanta! September 26-28!

I'll be in the Artist Alley at Booth D8, you can see the map here on my Tumblr.  There'll be my usual stock of prints, buttons, badges, and zipper pouches.  And if they come in, I'm hoping to sell phone charms too!  I'll also be experimenting with pendants in the next couple of days.

These are the hours:

Friday: 12 PM - 8 PM
Saturday: 10 - 8 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 4 PM

Baring extreme circumstances, I should be at my table for the whole convention!  I'll probably also sneak off to visit the Dealer's Room at least once or twice for a breather.  Fortunately, my table neighbors are my buds, so you could probably ask where I'd gone off to.

I'll also be cosplaying Amethyst, Bakura, and Mako throughout the weekend, not necessarily in that order.  See you guys there~!
Wow, I don't think my DeviantArt wall had ever been so glittery.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to write something, I really appreciated it ^^ :cake:

Yeeeeeah, Otakon is this weekend, and I'll be returning to the Artist Alley this year with prints, buttons, badges, and more to sell!  Click here to see the map, I’m right next to the Art Show entrance at G-13.

Artist Alley Hours:

  • Friday: 1 pm - 10 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am - 10 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

I'll be behind my table for the majority of Otakon, so stop by to say hello or pick up some art :> I plan on cosplaying Amethyst (Steven Universe), Bakura (Yugioh), and Mako (Kill la Kill), just need to make sure it all fits when I pack, ha ha.  

Be sure to stop by~! Thank you!

Woo!  I’ve been so excited during Otakon prep, that I forgot to announce my spot on the map.  Click here to see the map, I’m right next to the Art Show entrance at G-13.

Artist Alley Hours:

  • Friday: 1 pm - 10 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am - 10 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

I plan to be behind my table for the majority of Otakon, so stop by to say hello or pick up some art :> I may post up a more personalized Otakon schedule as it draws closer, since there are a couple panels/meet ups I’m tempted to join.  Thank you!

Wheeeew, it's about a month later and I finally have a moment to write about Momocon!  Overall, it was a really good experience~

Despite not being able to attend Friday, my friend, JanellesPlushies was able to fill in for me, and it was great seeing old faces like Xexus, Kiriska, and Fairytwister~!

Because I was busy with work I wasn't able to design much new stock, however I still exceeded my expectations with Momo!  Hopefully that's a good omen for Otakon and AWA.

It was also nice to meet new people and a few followers of askDarkHourBakura!  Which was great >3<

Anyhoo, a long belated welcome to my new Momocon watchers and hope you'll enjoy your stay.